League of AFK

So I’m back to Silver 3… but I think my duo partner and I have found a reasonably good groove, and I think if it hadn’t been for a 4v5 (turned 3v5 quite quickly thereafter) we would’ve been back at my promos back into Silver 2 tonight.  Unfortunately.. well, the Orianna gave up first blood, called BS in chat, and quit out.  Even then we managed to do a great job holding back the tide, and our Nasus could have split-pushed us to victory had our Ashe not just given up after the Orianna disconnect.  I managed to hold mid’s inner reasonably well while still farming a feral flare (I’d already invested in the wriggle’s) on Kayle and continued to be a threat against any one-two of their team even to the end.

Moral of the story:  Don’t quit when things aren’t going your way.  You lose 100% of games you don’t try to win.


As always, you can find me when I’m streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/dethmourne



So I dropped out of TEST on my main for a while to run L4s in highsec and was graciously lent a Tengu.  I don’t have max skills for a Tengu, but they’re okay and I’m progressing fairly nicely in this aspect.  One thing I love/hate about missiles is their differences from guns – flight time vs instant hit, consistent damage, etc.


Still, say hi in EVE to Dethmourne Silvermane if you’re in Dodixie :)

LoL Ranked Placements done…

…and I got placed in Silver 2.  I’ve already been demoted to Silver 3 and re-promoted to Silver 2 again, so I think I’m moderately close to my current skill level.  Just trying to find a solid spot to play from – jungle’s looking mighty promising but I need to branch out from Rammus (who’s super-reliant on his teammates playing well, but stomps if they do) to more balanced junglers.

As always, you can catch me on NA as DethSilvermane or hit up my stream at http://www.twitch.tv/dethmourne

Galactic Civilizations

So I’ve been off the radar lately because my Real Life has been pretty crazy, but things are starting to settle down so I’m hoping to post at least once or twice a week.  I thought today I’d mention that I picked up Galactive Civilizations II the other day, and man is it awesome.  If you’re a fan of the 4X games (Civilization, Sins of a Solar Empire, Sword of the Stars, etc) this is a really, really solid offering from Stardock.  It’s got lots of moving parts, it’s turn-based, and it lets you create custom races (so right now one of my opponents is LunaNet, leader of the mighty Ponies from the world of Equestria).  If I had any complaints, I’d say that the core ships are awkward and that there’s almost too many moving parts.  Oh, and sometimes I have multiple races’ versions of planetary improvements (because YAY DIPLOMACY) and it would be nice to say that X improvement is obsolete (a function already handled automatically when upgrading your own tech tree’s buildings to the next tier, and also available manually for ships).  Still, though, this game has me ready to conquer the galaxy, one sector at a time.


Quick shout-out: GalCiv III is already available for Early Access.  It’s too pricey for me right now (boo Real Life) but I’ve heard great things.

EvE update

Welp.  We’re at a crucial point in our defense against the CFC – will they form up for 6VDT? Will we? WHO WILL WIN? EHRMAGERD.


I think if we manage to save 6VDT on Sunday, the morale boost will lead towards improved participation, and lead us from the edge of defeat to victory.  If we lose this, though, that’s probably the Fountain campaign done with.


On an unrelated note, I bought a highsec mission alt and I’m playing around with a Golem.  I’m kind of frustrated, though – my pilot’s capacitor skills are so weak that I can’t get away with the otherwise-awesome torp+ab fit I was planning on using.  Luckily, he had 2 remaps, so I was able to remap him int/mem and will be able to flip him back once I sort his support skills.  In the meantime, I’m going Cruise Golem, and that means less DPS, less mid-flight salvaging, and not being able to get away with the “gank mode” omnitank I had planned on, unless I shift up a booster from my LSB to an XLSB (and then I have to consider the capacitor issues again).